Saturday, February 6, 2016

Why learn Powershell?

PowerShell is a Microsoft technology that runs on Windows and is both a command prompt and a scripting language. As I write this, it's almost 10 years old - it formally first appeared integrated as part of the operating system in Windows Server 2008. It replaces the Windows NT cmd.exe and can be installed as far as Windows XP.

Why learn Powershell?

So, while there are many ways of doing things, this does not seem to be a fad that will go away soon. In the worst case, your Windows admin skills get a boost, and in the best case, you can manage several technologies with the same base behavior. Thus, I will now make more of an effort to learn PowerShell properly, primarily for VMware scripting, but paying attention to MS and *nix applications as well.

I leave you with some good links:

Main site

Learning Powershell

Official PowerShell blog

Hey Scripting Guy! Blog (long running Microsoft scripting blog)

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