Monday, January 18, 2016

Quick notes with OpenBSD

Current learning goal is making OpenBSD run Doom on a laptop i love - AcerES1-111M-P2YU.

Bold is the command, italics a variable

Seeing your mail:
  mail [enter]
 read mail with pager:
  more 1 [enter]    #if you don't specify an item number it will read the first one
 Exit without saving
  x [enter]

Set an interface to start with ipv4 DHCP:
 check your network interface name with ifconfig
 create a file called \etc\hostname.interfacename    #for example em0 would be \etc\hostname.em0
 in the file put a single line that says
 save. takes effect on next reboot

Reboot: reboot
Shutdown immediately: shutdown -p now