Thursday, November 20, 2014

F5 replacement useful commands

some F5 commands - v11.

-Shutting down that F5 box:

plagiarized from here , SSH and run

Actually if you want them to shutdown then power off use the following.

shutdown -hP now

h means halt.
P means power off.

- Restore another's device full configuration (even all network and mgmt ip address, all vlans, virtual servers, etc) without running into licensing issues (useful for RMA or DR). This is the condensed form of this article. I assume you can access the new device through web/ssh by the mgmt IP.

1. Through SSH/SCP, copy the .ucs file you want to restore (default is /var/local/ucs)
2. leave a SSH session open to the new mgmt IP
3. turn off the other device (see above)
4. in the SSH session, run tmsh and then load /sys ucs <path/to/UCS_file> no-license. You can "complete with tab" when putting the filename to make double sure.
5. once the file is processed, your old mgmt IP will begin responding, and your new mgmt IP will go offline
6. change cables from old to new device
7. check. Sometimes a vip needs to be disabled and enabled for stuff to work (arp?)
8. think highly of yourself

- Clear a device to factory settings (except mgmt IP)

I assume you figured out how to get the mgmt IP setup right. Now go here . Really. It's short and sweet.