Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Testing SSD-enabled VMware products in the nested home lab

So here's a little project for December.

I use 3 solutions at work that rely on SSDs, or offer them as an option. The solutions are:

PernixData FVP
Stormagic SVSAN
VMware Virtual SAN (VSAN)

I want to run them on my home lab. However, my home lab is one 32gb desktop. I do have a 500GB SSD and normal spinning disk on it, so at least there is SSD performance available, but I may need to get creative.

So, my little experiment will be to created two or three "SSD enabled" hosts and test if the products will install and run. I leave here the links for requesting the product trials:

I will blog my experience with each one, including any tricks I had to use to make the nested hosts work properly. I obviously can't really run any production on these; this basically is a lab for me to test installation, upgrades and what happens if I switch from vsphere 5.x to v6. I obviously will google and tweet questions as needed.

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