Thursday, July 3, 2014

Windows partition sizes in 2012 R2 for people that like XXX.0 in their disk list

When you are creating your disk partitions, you have options. You might be one of those persons that like to see disk drive sizes as 146.0 instead of 149.56. If you are one of those, you will find out how to calculate the disk size in the following lines:

When installing windows, choose custom. The default system reserved partition changed is now 350 MB. Use this formula if you want to get, say, 146GB as a drive C size:

Add 350 MB to 146GB (converted to MB), 1 MB for MBR partitioning space lost, and fill the value. The calculation is 146x1024+350+1 = 149855

For disks that will be partitioned with GPT, use 2 MB instead of one for MBR.

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